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that post that’s like “why do people say partners like i have a fucking girlfriend shut up” is trash honestly, partner is gender-neutral so as not to assume in case 1. the person is bi/pan/you don’t know, and 2. would you rather them say boy/girlfriend ask risk misgendering your partner because you can’t handle being mature and using gender-neutral words? no, bye, that’s a useless post

Anonymous asked:
Which post do you mean about people being dragged what did it say

idk its a popular text post floating around somewhere but its smth about like “checking up on someone after theyve been dragged on their own post” thats not the right wording but i cant find the post :/

Anonymous asked:
"what if beyonce was a niall girl" literally the best reaction to all this

haha im glad u thought that was funny omg

larryleeds asked:
hi i'm sophie and i take the best selfies and write the best fics and everything can be an au if you try hard enough

i completely didnt see this wtf sorry about that omg but this is so me like “everything can be an au if u try hard enough” is my whole motto

impersonate me in my ask so i can put it in my /about

that post about checking on ppl who get dragged on their own posts is so true fuck ive done it like 3 times today


Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 13,172

Warnings: None applied

Side pairings: Niall Horan/Gemma Styles

Summary: Louis had traveled over a million miles of land and sea, through dry deserts and year long monsoons, but he had never seen anything as complex as Earth. There were things here, creatures with feelings and thoughts stronger than any of the others he had possessed. There were memories of a happier past, of a world without Souls. His past hosts had been easy to grab hold of, easy to throw away after they grew too old. With Harry, it was different. With Harry, everything was different.

An AU based on The Host by Stephenie Meyer.